Reframe life with JOY at the center

I spent 355 days camping and hiking around the United States.  After a few weeks, I started a log on my phone called “When I caught myself smiling.”  These were random moments when I would notice my cheeks were hurting and then note what was happening at that time. It ranged from kayaking in Lake Itasca to shopping in a Raley’s in Oakhurst, California.  Over time, those moments started to tell a story.  Joy lived within them. I started to wonder if I could replicate those moments, or aspects of them, more frequently.

When I finished my sabbatical it was important for me to continue to find joy in life, and to catch myself smiling.  It has proved to be more challenging than I ever expected.  Life just gets in the way – work, laundry, making dinner – the grind can really zap the joy. We are conditioned to do what we “should”. For many of us, that doesn’t leave us room for true joy.

Catch Yourself Smiling started as a blog to share stories from my adventures.  A year after returning, the vision and need has transformed. Now I want to focus on reframing life with Joy at the center.

As the evolution continues, my goal is to share resources that will help you on your own journey, stories about how I continue to work on my own, and a deeper dive into the value of inner wellbeing. I welcome the companionship in exploring, learning from one another, and celebrating our unique paths.