Trail Review: Sullivan’s Knob Trail

Do you ever have those moments where the world stops and you can just soak in the beauty of the moment? That's what this hike was for me. I didn't do much planning for this trip. I was on my way from Boulder, CO to Billings, MT, and had some time to kill. I'd heard about the [...]

Trail Review: Natural Bridge

I love this trail! You have two parking options - one off of the main road and the other at the marina. The marina option has more spaces. The trail is along a service road. It's wide and has a slight incline, but not at all strenuous. I parked at the Marina and took the trail along [...]

Trail Review: Tower Trail

Devils Tower National Monument was one of the first stops of my trip. On a cold winter day, during Covid, I pulled into the nearly empty parking lot. The Visitor Center was closed, but they left the stamp out for my National Park Passport. The trail is a walking path around the Tower. It takes you around the [...]

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