National Park Week 2023 – April 26

#MyParkStory... ...where you were grateful to just be or experience. Yosemite National Park holds a special place in my heart. When people ask me about it I say “it’s spiritual.”  By the time I got to Yosemite I was more comfortable with my process, yet the learning [...]

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National Park Week 2023 – April 24

#MyParkStory... ....where you conquered a personal health, wellness, or physical challenge I pulled out of my driveway in 2021 with great confidence in the year-long trip I had planned. I had prepared for many scenarios of challenging times. I was ready to conquer what was ahead.  My [...]

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National Park Week 2023 – April 25

#MyParkStory... ...where you created your own tradition with family, friends, or yourself When I began to explore my interest in parks and nature, I thought experiences needed to be planned, mapped out and structured. More like a big vacation than an afternoon of exploring. Through experience, and [...]

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National Park Week 2023 – April 23

#MyParkStory... ....where you discovered a personal or family history connection While on my year-long camping and hiking trip around the United States, I visited my brother in Montana.  He told me he had my grandparent's journals from their travels around the US & Mexico. My grandparents were avid [...]

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National Park Week 2023 – April 22

#MyParkStory... ....where you connect with to improve your mental, physical, and spiritual health, in honor of Park RxDay Most of my healing is done among the trees. Being surrounded by them, particularly tall pines or redwoods, helps me think more clearly and breathe deeper. I realized this [...]

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