Tips For Your National Park Visit

National Parks make for an amazing vacation. But making a plan can be very stressful and confusing. There are so many resources available at your fingertips...but where to start. Plan in advance - The Parks are incredibly popular. If you are able, visit during the off-season (for most parks that is before Memorial [...]

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355 Days

I hit the 1 year anniversary of my departure for a year-long sabbatical. ONE YEAR! That's crazy how the time flew by. I took a moment to look through photos, review journals, and make some notes on the adventure. Here's what I have to share... I drove 46,070 miles I hiked 320 miles I visited 39 states I toured [...]

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The Universe Was Talking…Time to Listen

When I was in college I had a dream to take a year and travel the United States. Friends were contemplating exchange programs in Europe. I wanted to see America. At the time I dismissed the idea in exchange for getting a job. I started my career with gusto, quickly adopting workaholic ways. When I would approach burnout, the [...]

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