Shenandoah National Park

Park Stats Location: Western Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains Park #: 22 Park established: December 26, 1935 President in office: Franklin D. Roosevelt Park size: 198,000 acres Highest elevation: 4,050 ft - Hawksbill Mountain Lowest elevation: 550 ft Visitors: 1,449,300 in 2022 Fun facts: One of the parks that utilized the Civilian Conservation Corps in [...]

Hot Springs National Park

Park Stats Location: Hot Springs, Arkansas Park established: March 4, 1921 Park #: 18th National Park President in office: President Woodrow Wilson Park size: 5000 Acres Visitors: 2.6 million in 2022 Fun facts: The hot springs were believed to have healing properties and was turned into a spa town in 1832 It is the oldest park [...]

Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

Park Stats Location: Little Rock, Arkansas Park established: November 6, 1998 President in office: Bill Clinton Park size: 28 Acres Visitors: 92,108 in 2022 Fun fact: It is the only National Park Sight unit with a functioning high school as its focal point I spent much more time at Little Rock Central High School [...]

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park Park established: February 26, 1919 President in office: Woodrow Wilson Park number: 15th I visited in early March, long before the busy season. The benefit of this timing was I arrived before spring break trips and before the summer busy season. The risk is winter weather. I stayed at Mather [...]

Yellowstone National Park

I am so lucky to have gotten to visit Yellowstone quite a bit over the years. During my 2021 adventures, I used Big Sky, MT as my home base. It's about an hour from the West Yellowstone entrance. During the off-season I would pop into the park for a few hours. It afforded me the opportunity to see the [...]

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Park Stats Park established: October 31, 1941 President in office: Franklin D. Roosevelt Mount Rushmore is a must-see as you drive through South Dakota. The view is really impressive. Turn off I-90 at Rapid City. If you need gas, a place to stay, or some food, this is your best option. Follow signs [...]

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon was one of my first stops.  I was headed to the Grand Canyon and decided to make a pit stop for a few hours.  It was early spring and snow dusted some of the park. It was beautiful! I drove to the furthest point and spent a few hours visiting the overlooks. It wasn't very [...]

Devils Tower National Monument

Devils Tower was one of the first stops on my trip. I took the detour off of I-90 with my fingers crossed that it was even open. I lucked out. Right off of the parking lot is a visitors center and toilets. While the visitors center was closed, they still had a stand for stamping your National Parks Passport. [...]

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