Determining food storage was really challenging for me. I watched a million videos. Some people went with coolers, others with plug-in refrigeration coolers. The price tag of the plug-in coolers was too shocking for me. I knew I needed to invest in something that would keep the cooler cold for multiple days. After reading countless reviews and talking to friends, I settled for the Yeti 45.

yeti fe

My thoughts:

  • It kept items cold for several days. In the heat of the summer, I would need to fill it every other day. But on cool autumn days, it would stay ice for several days.
  • This size was perfect for drinks, condiments, and two to three of perishable food for me. If you are traveling in larger groups, you might not get multiple nights of meals.
  • The cooler is heavy. I definitely had to summons serious energy to lift it into my car.
  • It’s pretty secure when locked. Yeti will say it’s bearproof. I didn’t leave it to chance. When camping in bear country, I put it in the car at night.

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