Trail Review: Upland Loop Trail (Big Sky, Montana)

The Uplands Loop Trail is a great hike outside the Town Center in Big Sky, MT. While labeled moderate, it’s entirely doable for a beginner.  While the hill is steep (they all are in Big Sky), pace yourself and you’ll handle it like a pro. They have several benches located in strategic spots with spectacular views.

I’d call this trail a lollypop. You start and end at the same point, but there is a top at the top of the hiking trail.

Uplands Trail Loop

How to prepare: I took this hike during a cool and wet summer. It was sunny and lush. I layered a tank top and a light coat with leggings.  I was glad to have long leggings because the grass and flowers were so lush a little overgrown on some of the trails.

I took a fanny pack/hydration pack with a protein bar in case I needed it.  It’s a short hike so it’s just in case. I also carried water for my dog and bear spray.

I didn’t take trekking poles on this hike.  I’d been on parts of it before and didn’t think it was necessary. On the way down the trail, I did feel pinching in my knees. Trekking poles would have helped with that. So if you have knee issues, I recommend you carry poles with you.

The hike took about an hour. It was a great trail for a dog to explore, and to sit and soak up the beautiful vistas.


Location: Big Sky, Montana

Level: Moderate

Distance: 2.2 miles

Parking: Small lot is at the trailhead. It doesn’t have many spaces, so overflow parks off of the road. Please be sure to park all of the way off of the road if you do have to park along the road.

Bathrooms: None

What to wear: Go for layers. It’s hot in the sun, cool in the shade.

What to pack: It’s a short hike. I take water, a granola bar, bear spray, and water for the dog.

Dog Friendly: YES! They require leashes. We ran into a lot of very friendly dogs on the trail.

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