Devils Tower National Monument was one of the first stops of my trip. On a cold winter day, during Covid, I pulled into the nearly empty parking lot. The Visitor Center was closed, but they left the stamp out for my National Park Passport.


The trail is a walking path around the Tower. It takes you around the Tower with incredible views of the Wyoming countryside. Keep a keen eye on the Tower. I was able to spot a few climbers. It’s really amazing to watch them create a path of the face of the stone.


The trail was easily marked. At the start of the trailhead was a log to sign indicating what trail you were on. This is a safety measure. I recommend that you always fill it out (maybe even pack a pencil). This is for your safety. I usually note on the log when I returned as well.

Another meaningful element of Devils Tower is the prayer cloths tied throughout the park. The Tower is a sacred site to many Native American Tribes. They have several placards explaining the relationship and meaning of the Tower. Please do not touch the prayer cloths and sacred artifacts.


It’s a really pretty walk, and several other trails are available too. I went in January and had no problem with access. The parking lot is pretty small so I imagine it a bit more challenging during a busy summer season. Plan accordingly and get there early.


Location: Devils Tower National Monument (Wyoming)

Level: Beginner

Distance: 1.3 mile loop

Parking: The visitor center parking lot is located at the base of this trail

Bathrooms: Restrooms are available at the Visitors Center.

What to wear: This is a pretty easy trail. Follow weather reports and wear what is appropriate for comfort. I would wear tennis shoes or hiking shoes/boots, however, it could be done in sandals.

What to pack: Water, binoculars

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