Do you ever have those moments where the world stops and you can just soak in the beauty of the moment? That’s what this hike was for me.


I didn’t do much planning for this trip. I was on my way from Boulder, CO to Billings, MT, and had some time to kill. I’d heard about the park but always dismissed it as being easy and convenient to see when I’m visiting family in Billings. The extent of my plan was the Google Map directions and knowing the hours of the ranger’s office.

I stopped at the Ranger Station and they suggested a few short hikes. This hike was one of her favorites. I have learned that if a Ranger recommends it, move it to the top of your list.

I hopped out of the car with my keys and a water bottle. I’m always a little excited when I get a short hike that doesn’t involve a pack, a snack, trekking poles, etc. I walked the trail, completely unaware of what was about to happen. Be aware that the trail is not always obvious. Thankfully they have metal markers that you can spot and know what direction to take. When I’m uncertain, I try to spot a post before leaving on

I crested a rock and the world stopped. Everything was quiet and I was filled with joy and gratitude for being able to witness nature. This feeling stuck with me for several days. And even now, I can transport myself back to that feeling when I think of the view.


Location: Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area (Wyoming)

Level: Beginner

Distance: .75 miles round trip

Parking: A parking lot is available at the start of the trailhead

Bathrooms: Not available at this trailhead

What to wear: This is a pretty easy trail. Because of the rocks, I’d stay clear of sandals. But tennis shoes or hiking shoes would be great. For clothing, wear what is appropriate for the weather – shorts & t-shirt, leggings & sweatshirt, jeans & coat.

What to pack: Water

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