I love these lights! They are easy to use, easy to hang and create a festive atmosphere wherever you use them.

When the sun sets, it’s really nice to have an entire space lit up versus using a flashlight. I would hang them in my tent and it mad it easy to read after dark. It was also fantastic to have them on when I would walk to the bathroom at night. It lit up my tent so it was easy to walk back to it.  And let me be honest, I loved having them twinkle like Christmas.

The battery lasts quite a while. They can be charged via USB or solar. I usually had to charge them every other day.

My thoughts:

  • Get them! It’s so nice to have lights around the campsite. While I used them in the tent, it’s also nice to have them around a table for meals.
  • Don’t depend 100% on solar. They are slow to charge.  I would connect them in my car to charge when driving to hiking trails.
  • I used the clear more for seeing things. The multi is really great for a subtle ambiance