Stories from my travels

Pie Iron Pizza Recipe

In my "The Parks Podcast" interview with Karl Rand from Shenandoah National Park, he mentioned that "Pie Iron Pizza" was his favorite campfire activity.  It was clear that I needed to expand my horizons by learning about and testing a pie iron. I took my nephew, Teddy, along for the ride. Step 1 - Gather your supplies & ingredients Pie [...]

Tips For Your National Park Visit

National Parks make for an amazing vacation. But making a plan can be very stressful and confusing. There are so many resources available at your fingertips...but where to start. Plan in advance - The Parks are incredibly popular. If you are able, visit during the off-season (for most parks that is before Memorial Day and after Labor Day). You may [...]

355 Days

I hit the 1 year anniversary of my departure for a year-long sabbatical. ONE YEAR! That's crazy how the time flew by. I took a moment to look through photos, review journals, and make some notes on the adventure. Here's what I have to share... I drove 46,070 miles I hiked 320 miles I visited 39 states I toured 23 [...]

Happy 105th!

Today the National Parks Service turns 105. Thanks to Woodrow Wilson, on this date in 1916 the Parks were born. When I read that Instagram post I wanted to be a part of the celebration and go enjoy a National Park. I happen to be 45 minutes from Yellowstone, so I hopped in the car and made my way. The [...]

The Universe Was Talking…Time to Listen

When I was in college I had a dream to take a year and travel the United States. Friends were contemplating exchange programs in Europe. I wanted to see America. At the time I dismissed the idea in exchange for getting a job. I started my career with gusto, quickly adopting workaholic ways. When I would approach burnout, the dream [...]