Park Stats

Location: Western Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Park #: 22

Park established: December 26, 1935

President in office: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Park size: 198,000 acres

Highest elevation: 4,050 ft – Hawksbill Mountain

Lowest elevation: 550 ft

Visitors: 1,449,300 in 2022

Fun facts:

  • One of the parks that utilized the Civilian Conservation Corps in its creation
  • More than 516 miles of hiking trails (101 miles of those trails are part of the Appalachian Trail)
  • More than a dozen waterfalls
  • Animals include black bear, coyote, skunk, racoon, foxes, and more
  • Over 196 species of birds
  • 41 species of fish

Shenandoah National Park feels like my “home” park. I’ve been visiting the park since I was a child. Every visit brings a new adventure.

Most of my visits have centered around hiking one of the many trails that you’ll find throughout the park. You’ll find lush trails that lead to beautiful views of the Shenandoah Valley

Shenandoah National Park - Trail

My favorite time to visit is Fall. The leaves in the park are breathtaking. Though prepare yourself for slow driving and crowded overlooks.  When possible, try to visit during non-peak times like weekdays.


Location: Western Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Parking: Parking is available at Visitor Centers, trailheads, and overlooks

Bathrooms: Available in the Visitor Center.

What to wear: Be prepared based on the season and activity you plan to participate in. In the winter it can be chilly, but when you get moving you can warm up quickly. Plan layers.  Summer is humid, and you can experience afternoon showers.

What to pack: Water! Water! Water! The water stations in this park are fairly far apart. Snacks and meals would be a good thing to pack. They do have a few facilities at the park, but they can be far from where you are exploring. You can also check out the options in the towns near your entrance.

Pet regulations: Pets are allowed in Shenandoah National Park with very few limitations. Remember they must be on a 6ft leash at all times.


*visit the park website for any updates or additional information to guide you on your journey

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