If you are asking yourself “why does a solo traveler need additional space when they have a 4-man tent?”, I did too. After reading reviews most people suggested I invest in the Kingdom Mud Room. Having lived in this space for nearly a year, I get it.

The Mud Room is the additional vestibule area off of the square footprint of the tent. It provides an additional 50 sqft of covered space off of the front of the tent. In my photos, it’s the tan part. This comes in handy for storage and during inclement weather. During most camp days, the Mud Room stored shoes (so that my tent stayed clean), and a doormat.  I also hung a clothesline in the Mud Room for dish towels to dry. At night I’d move-in items I didn’t want out in the elements.

Some reviewers talk about using this space for relaxing during rainstorms and storing bikes. I can definitely see how the extra relaxation room would be beneficial if you had multiple people at the campsite.

A few of my campsites were too small to set up the Mud Room. While I could camp just fine without it, it was a luxury that I’m glad I invested in.


My thoughts:

  • It is really easy to set up. Like many reviewers, I recommend doing it a time or two before you hit the trail for the first time.
  • It provides a lot of storage. I used it for coolers, kitchen gear when it was raining (didn’t cook in it), drying clothes, shoes, even my kayak when I wanted it out of sight.
  • Invest in stronger stakes than what comes with it. While REI has upgraded them recently, I still find others are easier to work with.

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