What’s the point of a footprint? Keeps all the cold and moisture from the ground outside of your tent. It’s amazing how damp the floor of a tent can be, even if it doesn’t rain.

REI’s footprint is created to be the right size for this tent. You want it slightly smaller so that when it does rain, and it will rain, the water doesn’t go between the footprint and the bottom of your tent.

You can also use old shower curtains for this purpose.  Just make sure that it’s smaller than the bottom of your tent.

Kingdom 4 Footprint

My thoughts:

  • It’s really convenient to have a footprint that comes with loops to hook it into your tent system. If you are willing to invest, I’d do it.
  • It’s not necessary…and this is the first tent that I had a matching footprint. Previously I would use an old shower curtain cut to the right size.

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