Park Stats

Park established: October 31, 1941

President in office: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Mount Rushmore is a must-see as you drive through South Dakota. The view is really impressive.

Turn off I-90 at Rapid City. If you need gas, a place to stay, or some food, this is your best option. Follow signs and your GPS to Mount Rushmore. Parking is well marked and a great parking garage is available.

When I visited (Jan 2021) they were in the midst of a construction project at the entrance of the park. A well-marked path took you around the construction.

Walking through the gates, seeing the Avenue of Flags, and taking in the Mount Rushmore sculpture is really moving. This is one park where photos don’t do it justice. Soak it up on the main terrace, take a seat in the amphitheater or explore one of the hiking trails.


Location: Keystone, South Dakota

Parking: A parking garage is located at the entrance of the park.

Bathrooms: Available just past the entrance to the park.

What to wear: Dress based on the weather and what you plan to do at the park. You can have a great experience by walking to the monument. You also have opportunities to add hiking trails to the experience.

What to pack: Water

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