Yellowstone National Park

I am so lucky to have gotten to visit Yellowstone quite a bit over the years. During my 2021 adventures, I used Big Sky, MT as my home base. It's about an hour from the West Yellowstone entrance. During the off-season I would pop into the park for a few hours. It afforded me the opportunity to see the Park [...]

Hiking Trails

Trail Review: Uplands Trail Loop (Big Sky, MT)

Trail Review: Upland Loop Trail (Big Sky, Montana) The Uplands Loop Trail is a great hike outside the Town Center in Big Sky, MT. While labeled moderate, it's entirely doable for a beginner.  While the hill is steep (they all are in Big Sky), pace yourself and you'll handle it like a pro. They have several benches located in strategic [...]

Trail Review: Lava Lake

Lava Lake was my second solo winter hike. I'd never been on the trail before and spent a lot of time preparing for this trip. I wanted to know exactly where to park, where backup parking would be, where the bathroom was located, what the trail was like. I was happy to have been so informed. It eased my nerves [...]