My hiking gear evolved throughout the trip. Rather than stocking up immediately, I took my time and only purchased what I thought I really needed.


Hiking Boots

Invest in good footwear. I went to REI and tried on a dozen pairs of shoes. You want to get something that fits your foot and is comfortable for you. I opted for the Oboz Bridger. It's not what I went in to buy. I thought I'd get a low trail shoe. But when I tried this one on, it [...]

General Supplies

Rumpl Blanket

I bought my first Rumpl blanket mid-way through the trip. I'm a sucker for something lightweight and warm. It only took a few really cold nights before I caved and purchased the blanket. In addition to a great layer for camp sleeping and around the campfire, my blanket gets used a lot in the car, at soccer games, and any [...]

Thermacell Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller

If a mosquito is anywhere in a 100-mile radius, it will find me. And after it feasts, the bite will be joined by a welt. They are painful and really annoying. I have spent most of my life trying bands and oils and sprays and not going outside. Nothing worked.  When I was in Bend, OR, after having been the [...]

Goal Zero Crush Light Lanterns

A lot of lighting options are available for camping, hiking, and other outdoor fun. I'm quite fond of the collapsibility and solar components of the Goal Zero Crush Light Lanterns. They come in white and chroma.  The white allows for three levels of brightness.  The chroma allows you to cycle through 8 color modes. You can charge them via USB [...]