Finding the perfect camp chair is challenging. It requires a lot of sitting and testing. I started out with a more traditional chair, but after a few stops, I realized the seat was too low and it was challenging to get out of the chair.  I needed to find a chair that would cradle me when I sat around a campfire, that allowed me to read comfortably, write in my journal, knit, etc. The chair wasn’t just for camping. It would be used when I stopped at my nieces’ or nephews’ sporting events, backyard parties, impromptu picnics along a scenic route. It needed to meet a lot of needs.

On Easter Sunday my brother’s church had an outdoor service. It was BYOC (bring your own chairs). With a family of 8 people, the chair diversity allowed me to play musical chairs to try out options. One was a Helinox Zero. I liked the height, the comfort, I just needed the back to be higher. I was on the right path.

Helinox has several options, all built with the same collapsable frame. It’s a matter of which works for you. I chose the Savanna. It’s a large seat and high back. I wanted the extra room and to be able to rest my head on a lazy day at the campground. It has been a great investment for the trip. And this is an item that will get frequent use over the years.

Helinox Chair FE.001

My thoughts:

  • This is a large chair that is very comfortable.
  • The frame collapses when not in use. The chair (frame and cloth) are stored in a small bag. This is a big plus with the limited space I had.
  • It’s easy to clean and air out. With all of the campfire time, cleanability was high on my needs.