Grand Canyon National Park

Park established: February 26, 1919

President in office: Woodrow Wilson

Park number: 15th

I visited in early March, long before the busy season. The benefit of this timing was I arrived before spring break trips and before the summer busy season. The risk is winter weather.

I stayed at Mather Campground. It was my first solo camping experience. And though I was meeting my family during this visit, I arrived early to take the edge off of my first-time nerves.

The Grand Canyon has multiple lodging options. Mather Campground is located close to Market Plaza where you can find groceries, a post office, wood for your fire, ice, and so much more. It’s also a nice walk to the Rim Trail and visitor center and Park Store.

The Grand Canyon is one of the few locations where I wish I had packed a bike. It would have been very fun to bike around the south rim. They do promote rental bikes, but they weren’t available when I was there (note that a lot of features were slowly opening from Covid shutdowns).


Location: Grand Canyon, Arizona

Parking: Lots are scattered throughout the park. During busy times, shuttles are set up outside of the park. Read the website for the latest information

Bathrooms: Available throughout the park.

What to wear: This is a park that varies greatly. Watch the weather. Pack layers because temperatures may change quickly. In the summer, also consider a sun shirt to protect you from the strong sun.

What to pack: Water is a must. You may want to consider trekking polls as the climbs can be steep.  I was there in early March and we had to contend with patches of ice. Because of this, I packed spikes for my boots.

Pet regulations: The National Park Service has strict rules regarding pets.  Pets are welcome at Yellowstone, but check out their rules.

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