A lot of lighting options are available for camping, hiking, and other outdoor fun. I’m quite fond of the collapsibility and solar components of the Goal Zero Crush Light Lanterns.

Crush Light White

They come in white and chroma.  The white allows for three levels of brightness.  The chroma allows you to cycle through 8 color modes. You can charge them via USB or with the solar panel located on the top of the light. It’s also easy to attach a carabiner to hang.

I have both options. I use them around the campsite at night and they are one of my lighting sources in the tent. I like to use them when walking to the restrooms because the light is more ambient. I find that less disturbing to other campers.

Crush Light Orange

Solar charging is a nice feature, but I wouldn’t depend on it as the only charging method. I would charge the lights with USB when driving. It doesn’t have an indication of how much power you have used so be sure to have a regular charging plan.

Crush Light Collapsed 2

My thoughts:

  • Great size. Love that they collapse for easy storage. 
  • I love that you can hang them from the handle or a loop at the base of the light. You have to supply the caribeaner. But it’s a nice feature around camp or hanging from your backpack.
  • I wish you could tell how much charge was left in the light. I had them go out on me a few times. Thankfully I had backup with a headlamp.
  • The solar feature is nice, but slow. Also, the solar panels popped off when I had them out in 100 degree sun. REI replaced them for me, but this shouldn’t happen on a device made to be charged by the sun. It was still worth it to me to have the same kind, I’m just careful to not leave them out in really hot weather.
  • The Chroma version is fun, but not as useful. It doesn’t have brightness levels for the color mode, however it also has the white mode with brightness levels. But it is nice when you just want a subtle colored glow.