I love a hammock. Always have. I was an early adopter of the ENO hammock. I’ve had one for years. I’d hang it on my screened porch, take it to a park, or string it in the backyard. It is my favorite place to take a nap or read a book. So when it came to packing and repacking, my ENO Hammock always had a prominent spot in the car.

ENO Hammock FE.001

The ENO hammock requires additional equipment.  At a minimum, you will want the Atlas Straps that will attach the hammock to trees. If you plan to have a stationary spot in a house or on a porch, you may want to purchase the system that screws into a wall. Are you planning to hammock with another person? The Tandem bars make that easier. ENO also sells bug nets, blankets, rain tarps and anything you could imagine to customize your hammock experience.

Some parks do not like for you to hang a hammock on trees. Please respect this request and hammock responsibly.

Hammock & feet.001

My thoughts:

  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Easy to hang