Trail Review: Uplands Trail Loop (Big Sky, MT)

Trail Review: Upland Loop Trail (Big Sky, Montana) The Uplands Loop Trail is a great hike outside the Town Center in Big Sky, MT. While labeled moderate, it's entirely doable for a beginner.  While the hill is steep (they all are in Big Sky), pace yourself and you'll handle it like a pro. They have several benches [...]

Trail Review: Beaver Lake Trail

Trail Review: Beaver Lake Trail Beaver Lake Trail was the first trail I explored in Pocahontas State Park. I selected it because I love a loop trail, it didn't seem strenuous, and it was a good distance. This was the day I was going to take my new dog hiking. I held my breath that this 2.5 [...]

Trail Review: Deep Run Park Perimeter Trail

Trail Review: Deep Run Park Perimeter Trail I've been to Deep Run Park multiple times over the past 20 years. At first, it was with nieces and nephews and we would frequent the playground. Eventually, some walking paths were added. When I relocated to Richmond a few months ago I made a commitment to get to know more [...]

Trail Review: Angels Landing

I wasn't sure if I could do this trail. I even hiked two shorter trails to warm up...get the try Angel's Landing. I've heard so much about it, but it was cold, snow was predicted, and my ego was getting the best of me. After a 2-mile pep-talk I took a left on the trail towards Angel's Landing. [...]

Trail Review: Sullivan’s Knob Trail

Do you ever have those moments where the world stops and you can just soak in the beauty of the moment? That's what this hike was for me. I didn't do much planning for this trip. I was on my way from Boulder, CO to Billings, MT, and had some time to kill. I'd heard about the [...]

Trail Review: Natural Bridge

I love this trail! You have two parking options - one off of the main road and the other at the marina. The marina option has more spaces. The trail is along a service road. It's wide and has a slight incline, but not at all strenuous. I parked at the Marina and took the trail along [...]

Trail Review: Lava Lake

Lava Lake was my second solo winter hike. I'd never been on the trail before and spent a lot of time preparing for this trip. I wanted to know exactly where to park, where backup parking would be, where the bathroom was located, what the trail was like. I was happy to have been so informed. It eased [...]

Trail Review: Tower Trail

Devils Tower National Monument was one of the first stops of my trip. On a cold winter day, during Covid, I pulled into the nearly empty parking lot. The Visitor Center was closed, but they left the stamp out for my National Park Passport. The trail is a walking path around the Tower. It takes you around the [...]

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