Bryce Canyon was one of my first stops.  I was headed to the Grand Canyon and decided to make a pit stop for a few hours.  It was early spring and snow dusted some of the park. It was beautiful!


I drove to the furthest point and spent a few hours visiting the overlooks. It wasn’t very busy so I was able to stop at a lot of the locations.  During one of the stops, I set up a chair and made a quick lunch while soaking up the views.


Bryce Canyon remains on my list of places to visit.  I’d like to go back and do some hiking and camping. The trails seem diverse and very appealing. So while I can cross it off of my list…I’m not ready yet.


Location: Bryce, Utah

Parking: Small lots are available at every outlook

Bathrooms: Located at the visitor center

What to wear: Pay attention to the weather. I went on a cold winter day and needed a coat, hat, and gloves in the shade. But in the sun it was hot and I could remove the layers.

What to pack: Be sure to bring your water. It can be hot and dry. In the winter consider spikes for your shoes. Ice can be on the trails in shaded areas. Depending on the trails you choose, you may want to bring trekking poles.

Pet regulations: The National Park Service has strict rules regarding pets.  You can read through Bryce Canyons here.

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