If a mosquito is anywhere in a 100-mile radius, it will find me. And after it feasts, the bite will be joined by a welt. They are painful and really annoying. I have spent most of my life trying bands and oils and sprays and not going outside. Nothing worked. 

When I was in Bend, OR, after having been the main course for a mosquito family, I stopped by REI to see what they recommended. Their rave reviews led to the purchase of the Thermacell E55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller. The product boasts a 20ft mosquito-free zone.

To my surprise and delight…it actually worked. I would place the small container on the picnic table and enjoy an evening outside. I haven’t been able to do that since I was a kid.  Now my Thermacell accompanies me most everywhere.


My thoughts:

  • If you attract mosquitoes, buy this!
  • I like the size. They have multiple versions, but this provides the greatest coverage and is the smallest
  • Make sure you keep it charged. I’ve been out when it dies. That’s no fun. It would be nice to have a battery backup of some sort
  • They make refills that last for 36+ hours. Invest in them. The 12 hours that come with it won’t last you long.
  • Thermacell has multiple devices. I’m intrigued by the portable version, but haven’t committed yet.