I hit the 1 year anniversary of my departure for a year-long sabbatical. ONE YEAR! That’s crazy how the time flew by. I took a moment to look through photos, review journals, and make some notes on the adventure. Here’s what I have to share…
  • I drove 46,070 miles
  • I hiked 320 miles
  • I visited 39 states
  • I toured 23 National Parks, 7 National Monuments & 4 National Historic Sites
  • All this with 8 tires and 2 windshields
I saw friends from all phases of life, spent really meaningful time with family, pushed myself in ways I never would have guessed possible. I laughed every single day…often at myself. I saw bears (black and grizzly), moose, bison, moles, elk, bighorn sheep, rattlesnakes, and countless other animals.
Here are some things I learned:
1. You have to pee a lot more on nights you are camping in bear country.
2. Some music lyrics I had on my playlist on day one coached me and encouraged me the entire way – “Live a Life Less Ordinary” (Carbon Leaf), “It’s a brand new day” (Joshua Radin), “Better Days are Coming” (Justin Timberlake & Ant Clemons), “Keep Breathing” (Ingrid Michaelson) and “Follow Your Arrow” (Kacey Musgraves)
3. Perspective improves with a deep breath and a smile on your face.
4. 14 degrees feels downright balmy after it’s been -20
5. When you are driving down the road and see something of interest, pull over and check it out.
6. Mother Nature doesn’t care about your plans (and if you allow yourself to be open, what you do instead is usually way better).
7. Sit still. Breathe. Listen.
8. We all want the same basic things…remove labels and have conversations.
9. Catch yourself smiling…it’s where pure joy lives.
10. I’m not finished. I still have 11 states, endless parks, and lots of friends to visit. The dream has evolved and will become a lifestyle of exploring.
But for now, I’m taking a break to work. And how perfect…in the Wellbeing space.
Thanks for riding along with me